Listening to people with palpable respect and without interruption. The quality of your listening determines the quality of other’s thinking

Treating each other as thinking peers, giving equal turns and attention and keeping agreements, promises and boundaries

Offering freedom from internal rush or urgency. Ease creates – urgency destroys.

Practising a 5:1 ratio of appreciation to criticism. People can take on board criticism when in a supportive and appreciative environment.

Moving beyond internal competition to understand that being better than does not make something good.

Allowing sufficient emotional release to restore thinking: fear constricts everything, especially thinking.

Supplying the facts rather than withholding or denying information.

Providing a full and accurate picture of reality by examining from many perspectives. Reality is diverse, thus a narrow view point denies some of reality.

Incisive Questions:
Removing assumptions that limit ideas. Asking incisive questions to remove limiting beliefs and assumptions.

Creating a physical environment that says to people “You matter”. When their environment affirms their importance, people will think and act more boldly.

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