Dr. Hart is most experienced and the most senior certified instructor in the United States for the The Thinking Environment, a breakthrough thinking process developed by Nancy Kline, author of Time to Think: Listening to Ignite the Human Mind (Cassell, London, 1999).

Sara has brought the Thinking Environment training, programs, workshops and lectures into numerous organizations around the country with measurable transformative effects.

A Simple Idea. A Transformational Process

The Thinking Environment proposes a straightforward idea: The quality of a person’s thinking depends on the quality of attention they are given while they’re thinking. Building an effective Thinking Environment can unleash the power and potential of your company.

A Thinking Environment is based on phenomenological research dating back to the 1970’s and a set of ten simple behaviors (the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment). Mastery, application and practice of the Thinking Environment behaviors propels people at every level to their best thinking, best work and best results.

Thinking Environment Programs and Sessions make a measurable difference. For results and case studies see www.timetothink.com.