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A message from,
Dr. Sara B. Hart, Founder and President, HARTCOM

What is the Sign of Enough®?

I began thinking about this question while conducting workshops for busy managers inside some of our largest corporations. My work deals with many things, including coping with transition and change, taking responsibility for bringing about what one wants in life, figuring out what is really most important and then developing a plan for balancing one’s time between the personal and the professional so that goals can be met.

In many ways participants love the sessions and go away with well thought out plans for taking back their lives. A constant roadblock to “redesigning one’s life,” however, is the amount of time required to be at work in order to “do a good job.”

Over time I have felt less and less comfortable saying to participants that they “simply” need to figure out what really is important to them and then take responsibility for making it happen the way they say they want. Why is it, I kept thinking, that as a society, we take the very best and the very brightest people and put them into situations where they cannot feel they are doing a good job unless they are spending so much time at work that their most significant relationships suffer and their physical and emotional health often are jeopardized? Their children grow up not really knowing them (and vice versa), and our communities dwindle and die because no one has the time to devote to organizations and projects that would keep them vital.

What causes all this, I wondered?

The answer is simple. We no longer have any sense of what is enough. So long as our businesses have a large targeted annual growth year after year, with a strategy of “doing more with fewer people,” and so long as we measure our personal success by our annual salary increases, larger homes, more expensive cars, increasingly sophisticated toys, etc., we will have to work more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more…

…and still not arrive at the place we would call “success.” When one has hit this point, it is the sign of enough®.

I designed the Sign many years ago after completing a workshop at the Centre for Transpersonal Psychology in London. At the end of the session, we were asked to stand with our feet apart and raise our arms above our heads to draw the universal and earth energies to the center of our hearts. This exercise was so powerful for me that I went home and designed the Sign. Several years later, when I decided to DO something about my growing concern for us and our planet, this design seemed to be the perfect representation of ENOUGH. Surely our earth home, along with the collective best part of ourselves as human beings and with our higher power (whatever that means to each of us) are all we really need.

And so the question for each of us is “What is the sign of enough®?” In other words, how will I know when I have enough?

I invite you to live with this question for many days to come. Ask your friends. Ask members of your family. Ask those you work with.

It’s time we know the answer.

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