Dr. Sara Hart is an inspirational, motivating speaker who is passionate about her subjects. She provides controversial, cutting-edge ideas in an interactive setting that are sure to be thought-provoking to the audience. Sara has a Ph.D. in Group Communication from Northwestern University and a BA from Ohio University. She has been the Owner of Hartcom, a management consulting firm for over 10 years, having worked at Pfizer for 20 years prior to founding Hartcom. Sara is certified as a Coach and Trainer by HeartMath, Coach and Faculty for the Thinking Environment™ by Time To Think, Inc., and the Coaching Program by the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara.



Increasing Productivity Through Building Resilience

In this time of rising employer healthcare costs, chronic absenteeism, and employee relations’ problems productivity suffers.
In this presentation participants will:

  • Learn to recognize subtle stress signals before they become chronic, for increased vitality and resilience.
  • Discover powerful techniques to boost performance, resilience, quality of life, employees’ satisfaction and well being.

Creating a Thinking Environment: The First Responsibility of a Leader

This dynamic presentation provides solutions to ongoing communication problems within teams, long, unproductive meetings and lack of innovation. Participants will:

  • Learn how to set up face-to-face and virtual team meetings for success that will result in shorter, more productive meetings.
  • Get straightforward, easy to use processes for chairing a meeting that results in an increased equal contribution by meeting participants.

The Socially Responsible Brand

This engaging presentation raises awareness of social responsibility and how it improves employee engagement, particularly with younger employees, increases influence beyond the company and shifts the focus from just the bottom line to a broader vision. Participants will:

  • Walk away with messages that promote employee buy-in resulting in improved employee engagement through shared responsibility.
  • Discover steps for expanding personal influence with peers, the community, and the global marketplace by getting clear on how to express your vision for a “better world” (while still paying attention to the bottom line).



The Upside of Downsizing: Getting to Enough

When Will You Have Enough?

Prime Spark: Igniting Your Life After 55

Finding Your Prime Spark

Solution Focus: A New Approach

This is Enough: What Kind of Leader Do You Want to Be?

Leadership for a Thinking Environment™: Making Meetings More Productive

Thinking Environment: Boost your Coaching Effectiveness

I use the processes you discussed in all my meetings. This works very well within my department. In my cross-functional team after a couple of sessions, the quiet ones became fully participative. The decisions arrived at during such meetings are fully and equally owned by all.”  — Anandi Krishnan, Ph.D., Director, Johnson & Johnson, Mumbai, India